Top Flight BBQ.....

Having moved to an area with little to no choice of good ol' Southern BBQ, we purchased a small smoker. With lots of trial and error, we
found what we liked and offered it to our neighbors and friends. We were then encouraged to open a restaurant, but it wasn't a viable
option.  Steve was an air medical helicopter pilot and Michele was working in the non-profit sector. In 2006, we decided to build a
part-time business for festivals, fairs and BBQ contests. We were able to pick up a few festivals and business catering the first year and
immediately we were asked to cater a wedding reception. That first wedding was (for us) a large endeavor.

Since that first year, we picked up more and more catering events and festivals. In 2013, we were to the point that we were declining
more jobs than we were accepting (do to our full-time jobs) Michele decided to resign from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC
and take Top Flight BBQ full-time.

We were still growing and in mid 2014, decide to purchase Big Blue, our food truck. At the time of delivery, Steve decided to go full-time
with the truck. With a great staff, we've successfully catered over 40 wedding receptions, 20 festivals and fairs as well as numerous
corporate functions per year.

In 2017, we have relocated to Knoxville, TN in order to be with our families more often. We hope to see you soon.

At Top Flight BBQ, we focus on bringing our clients a great barbecue experience. Because we have committed to using the best meats
and the freshest, locally sourced produce we start off on the right foot. Add to that the fact that we prepare the meats in an
old-fashioned tradition --- hours in the smoker being tended to by the pitmaster who carefully manages the amount of wood smoke that
is introduced. Using a smoker and choosing local products may not be the fastest and least expensive way to prepare barbecue, but it
makes the difference between good and great food.

Let us help make your special event extraordinary by providing great food and atmosphere!
A pulled pork sandwich is on the
catering menu prepared by Top Flight
BBQ. Side dishes include Coleslaw,
Red Skinned Potato Salad, and
Summer Corn Salad. (Photo by Scott
Mason/The Winchester Star)